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Quarter 3 - Newsletter Update

Greetings! New things are happening at GWCS!

A note from a friend

“C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors. He is most famous as a lay theologian and apologist for Christianity. While he wrote on many topics, Lewis’ most popular writings are in a series of books for children with a Christian subtext, called The Chronicles of Narnia. The first book introduces four children who, by means of a magic clothes wardrobe, are transported to the Land of Narnia. There they meet the great lion, Aslan – the central character of the whole series, and Lewis’ version of what Jesus might have been in a different world.

In the second book, the children – who are just a year older - are called back to Narnia. When the children meet up with the lion again, one of the children remarks “Aslan ... you’re bigger!” To which he responds, “That’s because you’re older, little one.” The child insists, “Isn’t it because you are bigger?” And Aslan explains: “I’m not. But each year you grow, you will find me bigger.”

Each year as I grow, I will find the Christ figure bigger. At Christmas in particular, we are called to discover that as we mature spiritually, we will find more depth and breadth in the person of Jesus. It is not because the Son of God can grow, of course, but because my capacity to receive him has improved. There will always be more Jesus than we can comprehend... more Christ to grow into ... more Savior with whom we can form a richer relationship.

As much as anyone, I delight in the joy of Christmas – human affection done up in decorations, sweets, and gift giving. I am pleased that Christian, and truly human, themes of charity and kindness catch on just about everywhere in December.

However, perhaps our predicaments go a lot deeper than the likes of the Grinch, and that the milk of human kindness alone can manage. Perhaps what we need is not more repetitions of “The Little Drummer Boy”, but the stillness to hear the beat of God’s heart in time with our own ... the voices of the prophets telling us of the world as God wants it to be. Perhaps we should aim for a deeper awareness of the unending generosity of God, whose presence we can never outgrow.”

A friend of GWCS

Bibles are needed

These days, the world news can make a person feel so helpless: Hurricanes, mass shootings, terrorist attacks ... What can I do, a person may ask themselves?

Donating funds to provide someone a Bible, in a time of need, is a very ‘worldly’ effort. You can make the world a better place by sharing the Word of God, and changing hearts. Please help us continue to bring Bibles into the jail with your Bible donation.

Kids Kount Program

Our “KIDS KOUNT” program, now in its 25th year, provides gifts to children who have a parent in the Marathon County Jail over the Christmas season. These gifts are purchased through the generosity of many people. We welcome donations to help us with these purchases, along with wrapping supplies. We need helping hands to wrap the gifts, and we also need volunteers to deliver the gifts to the children. Participating in this event can be very rewarding! Please contact us if you would like to help. You can make a difference!

Our program was recently featured in the news! Read about it.

To read our newsletter as a document, download below.

3Q 2023 GWCS Newletter
Download PDF • 1.51MB

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